Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Maximus Cerebrum

After making a lousy game for the GMC Jam #5, Water, Water, Water. I resumed working on a project I started at the beginning of this year, Maximus Cerebrum.

The game is centered around a self-working factory(a factory that requires no human intervention). The player is one of the robots generated by the factory to do maintenance and stuff. The lucky robot gets it's hands... well, erm... it has no hands... but it finds a jump powerup when it comes out of a trash chute. So it then is capable of going into restricted areas. Oh, yeah... the robot is led to believe by logbooks around the factory that all humans are extinct.

So I've been working on this game for a little bit more than a month now. I've gotten a composer to make a fitting music track for it, also I have a few GMC Members testing out the game and giving comments & suggestions.

I hope to release the game sometime before 2100