Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Minigame Collaboration

A developer some of you may have heard of, Nik, has started a minigame collaboration of sorts. The project needs game maker devs to create short games that last a maximum of 20 seconds. More info on the GameJolt forum topic here.

The idea has been very well organized, so that even I am participating. It took me just a few hours to whip up a quick piece of crap minigame called Headbonker Extreme. I highly recommend my fellow developers to participate in this collaboration.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Newsy news

After receiving some more comments for Shevrolet Shotgun I became aware that the game needed an infinite mode. Before, it was pretty much impossible to get a score over 15000 because the game always ended before you could rack up that many points... but now I've added an infinite mode option for those of you who just want to make as high a score as possible.

Aaaand here's a youtube video of the game, courtesty of Nik.

In other news, Maximus Cerebrum is still a thing. I've made little bits of progress here and there, right now I'm just mustering up more motivation to work on it. I've been busy in real life and with the recent GameJolt contest. So for now, here's a screenshot:

Another thing you may be wondering about is The Sound Of Murder project. I haven't really made much progress on it... mostly because I've put Maximus Cerebrum up as my 1st priority project. I'm definitely going to finish it eventually, though. I've got some really interesting things in my head that I have planned for it.

One other thing! KniteBlargh, a GameJolt member who also happens to be a graphical artist has, on request, done a remake of my avatar in his own style. It's pretty sweet, check it out!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Shevrolet Shotgun released!

As some of you know, GameJolt recently hosted a (I think 10 day long) game making contest with the theme "Chaos". I used 5 of the days available to create my game...

Shevrolet Shotgun!!1

I actually released the game a week ago... I neglected to post the game here on my blog because I first wanted to implement the GameJolt API for highscores and stuff. Huge credits to Nik for helping me out with that... also thanks to Shelby and ThatSnail for beta testing the game before it's first release! You guys rock!
Note: You can only submit your scores if you are registered on GameJolt.

Have fun and don't ragequit! :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

So I completed Vesper.5

Yup. Yesterday I completed the one-move-per-day game, Vesper.5!
All in all, it took a bit over a hundred moves(days) to complete the game... I was kinda disappointed how it ended, though.

Just to clarify, the game is very limiting to play in that you are only allowed to move one tile space per day... you're supposed to make playing the game every day become some sort of ritual or habit for yourself. I started playing the game sometime way back in November last year... and I completed it on March 3rd(yesterday). I was disappointed with the ending, though... not that it was terrible[SPOILERS AHEAD]... I just expected the red cloaked dude to be headed towards some greater destination, not a simple credits screen containing the word "Complete" on it. Now, some of you may be thinking, what's wrong with a credits screen? It's not that I don't like credits, it's that I think, considering the amount of effort required to complete the game, I deserve a bit more of a reward. I even came up with an idea for how the game could have ended better.

You stand directly above the ending red portal, taking a deep breath, you press the down arrow key. The screen fades to white as the portal does it's magic. Suddenly, you find yourself in a much more colorful world, grass waves in the wind, birds flock near a water brook. Then, boom! A giant rock-creature stomps behind you. You would race the creature, heading left, as always... and this time you won't have to wait a day before making each move. Then after the race, the game would end with the player rising into the sky whilst a rainbow glimmers in the background or something.

My two cents.