Friday, September 13, 2013

jerry clouds ported to HTML5

That's right! I've ported jerry clouds to HTML5, so now you don't have to manually download the game if you don't want to. You can enjoy the experience in the comfort of your own browser.
I've figured out how to get the sound working in Chrome as well as Firefox... the sounds still work more smoothly in Chrome, though.
You can play the game right away on Kongregate.

Thank you~!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

jerry clouds

I have released a new game about jerrys clouds. Downloads: GameJolt, Yoyogames
I hope you enjoy the game!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

an odd spelunky run

As some of you know, Derek Yu + Andy Hull recently released Spelunky HD for PC(like, a month ago)! I've been playing the game quite a bit and today had a very interesting run.
During most of the run I was pretty well set, I had a jetpack, a freeze ray, and a few other nice items. I angered Kali once early in the mines, though. Anyway, on the temple level before the Olmec boss fight, there was another altar. I wanted to find out what happens when you beat the game with the ball and chain(which Kali attaches to you when you displease her too much). So I dropped a bomb on her altar and took off. Suddenly, I couldn't sprint anymore... heck, I couldn't even go the normal walking speed! I had successfully acquired the curse of the ball and chain!

I picked up the lead spherical weight and went through the exit into the Olmec boss fight room. After the cutscene I quickly deployed a few ropes so I could get to the top of the level and open a few crates. At the end of my search I found myself with just 8 bombs. I didn't want to use Olmec to dig down into the lava for me, the ball and chain slowed me down too much and I didn't want to risk getting crushed. So I used every last bomb getting down to the bottom. After I adjusted Olmec's position a bit, he fell into my pit quite well. I scurried my character off to the exit. In the next room my character moved at a tremendously slow speed as the ball and chain was drug behind her.

It literally took like a whole minute for her to walk the entire distance to the treasure chest. But when she got there I noticed the traditional platform in front of the chest was missing.

The chest opened explosively and the golden idol flopped into the lava. Just as my character was about to fall in as well, the game switched to the next cutscene which shows the top of a volcano. My character and the idol came out of the opening at the peak. So Kali did not prevent me from having a victory after all.

The ball and chain mysteriously disappears in the ending credits in which you ride on a camel across the desert. I found this all very interesting. I hope you did, too.