Wednesday, October 31, 2012

GMC Jam #8 Post Mortem

As some of you know, I collaborated with 11clock to make a game for the 8th GMC Jam. We named the game "Desperate". While not, by any means, a masterpiece, I was glad we were able to release at least something. I've only collaborated once before, for the Scary 4 Digits competition over at 64Digits, with Bret Hudson. It wasn't so bad since we had a whole month to make our game... but when you only have 72 hours, things are a lot different.

After we released a finished version of Desperate onto the GMC, I decided to make a quick project using the precious remaining jam hours. I ended up using less than 3 hours to make a thing I called buk. Basically, it's a short book with (ms paint) illustrations instead of words. The only thing you can do in buk is turn the pages, listen to the old music, and enjoy the scribbled illustrations that look like they were drawn by the very early stages of a fetus.

All in all, the 8th GMC Jam was very successful. There were 60+ entries.

Monday, October 22, 2012

8th GMC Jam coming up!

The 8th GMC Jam is taking place on October 26. In just 4 days! Click here for the GMC Topic which contains further details.
On the last jam I went solo, creating a game called Morph Worlds. It nabbed 2nd place, meaning that I got to pick the special restriction for the next jam(the one that's about to start now)! GameDevDan, who got 1st place, has picked the actual theme.
I plan to collaborate with a fellow GMC Member 11clock this time around. I'll be doing the graphics and he'll probably be doing most of the coding.

Here's hoping for another great jam!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Morph Worlds - Video Review

GameDevDan, a fellow GMC member and game designer has just posted a video review for Morph Worlds! An isometric game I made in 72 hours for the 7th GMC Jam. He's been doing video reviews for all the jam games on this topic here. Kudos to him!

Here is the video, he didn't complete the game but still recorded a good chunk of it:

You can check out Dan's website at!
Thanks again, Dan!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Muon (old freeware game)

So, anyway I guess I was browsing through featured games on the Yoyogames sandbox and I found this old game called Muon. It was released in 2007, which doesn't mean it's a bad game or anything, I decided to try it out because I liked how simplistic it looked from the screenshots... I was not disappointed.

The game is a traditional platformer in which you can double jump, the goal in each level is to collect all the yellow rectangle things and then the exit will start working so you can go to the next level. In addition to this, each level is procedurally generated!
On each level you will start out with 3 yellow circles rotating around the player. Whenever you collect a yellow rectangle, another yellow circle begins rotating around you. This is not a meaningless graphical detail, those rotating circles actually represent powers, powers you can use by pressing the down arrow key. If you are in midair and you've already used your double-jump, you may need to jump a bit higher, so you can use this power to jump higher. Likewise, if you are on a block, you can use it to destroy the block(this is useful if there are ever any yellow rectangles that are surrounded by blocks). These powers are not infinite, use your circles carefully! :P

After you beat the 10th and final level you are given your score, which is based on how quickly you beat the game. It would be nice if there were online highscores, but the manual way will have to suffice. I went as fast as I could and managed to get 150350.

Overall, I'd say Muon is a refreshingly simple & fun game, that is slightly repetitive due to not having more than a few different objects. Adding some keys & doors, some monsters, etc. would be very beneficial(but that is not likely to happen). It's still a fun game, however, and I highly recommend you try it out!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Celebrating 50th post!

Achievement Unlocked: 50 blog posts!

Anyway, not much news... I finished another html5 game that is somewhat Halloween themed, I'm beginning to really enjoy using Gimp to draw graphics. I hated Gimp at first but once I got used to the interface it was smooth sailing (mostly) from there.

I just got on Twitter! So, now you can follow me there, and I may even follow you back!

Check out my victory post on the GMC, where I announce my triumph in the online highscores of Rocket Leaper! For months now, Soulsnatcher(aka TerraFriedSheep) had been in 1st place, laughing at me, I could almost hear him mocking me every time I tried to beat it. Well, guess who's laughing now? That's right, the orange you've all come to know and despise love!