Thursday, June 28, 2012

Raocow LP'd Sleepshooter!

At last I have received the greatest prize I could ever imagine...! An LP of Sleepshooter by Raocow! Yesssss...
Sleepshooter LP Youtube Link

So, anyways, It's pretty great except that he only got up to the 19th level and my name isn't orange8, it's orange08. I liked his commentary, anyway. It's interesting to see what kind of impression my game leaves on people.

In other news, Twee has agreed to make a music track for Endings Of The Ugly. So that's pretty swell, I can't wait to release the game!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Endings Of The Ugly soon to be released

I've been quite busy lately. Hardly any progress on Maximus Cerebrum but I hope to start picking up on that soon. Also, I'm 99% finished with a new game called...


Menu screenshot

So anyways, it's finished except I need a music track for it. It is basically the first Saga Of The Ugly remade with bunches of more content and improvements. I've created it within the restrictions of GM:HTML5 so I can quickly port it to be playable in browsers.

In other news, there is a new forum that is called Game Maker Music. It was created by Icmyx to be like the GMC except putting music first instead of games. Pretty neat, I am requesting music for my game, Endings Of The Ugly there.

Does anyone remember that cursor game I posted about a while back? I should really get back to working on that... but there's been a lot of encouragement for Maximus Cerebrum so I'd feel like a lazy slob if I kept working on other projects instead. So basically, my priorities are like this right now:

-Get music for Endings Of The Ugly, finish it.
-Finish Maximus Cerebrum.
-Post a demo for the cursor game.

That's it I guess. Thanks for reading. :)