Monday, December 23, 2013

Ice Cream Dodger HTML5 released!

Ice Cream Dodger HTML5 is COMPLETE! That's right! You can now dodge ice cream cones in the comfort of your very own browser! Play now on Kongregate!
Big thanks go out to Matthew Pablo, ThatSnail, Hubol Gordon, tamper2, and YellowAfterlife for helping me out with this project! I love you guys!

Have fun, everyone!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

working on more games

Surprise! I've been working on more games!

That one WIP I released, Sneaky Guy Search, has gotten a bit more work put into it. The graphics are (mostly all) customizable now, and you can change the music as well! I don't feel quite ready to release the update yet... it needs a bit more polish I think. Anyway, here are some screenshots.
Default Graphics:

Custom "Android VS Apple" Graphics:

I've also gotten heaploads of progress on Maximus Cerebrum, the game is steadily reaching towards completion. I hope that people will receive it well. Here's a fresh new screeny from that:

Ice Cream Dodger HTML5 is also nearly ready to be published... I just want to make it as perfect as possible before the final release, though. Thanks to some quick work from the game's composer, Matthew Pablo, the release is due to come much sooner than I previously thought. With luck I'll have it all ready by tomorrow night!

And now for a bit of surprise, I've actually been working on a revamp of "The Statues Live"(made for GMC Jam #3) recently. The name obviously needed replaced, so this game will be called "Stone Spirit". The game's graphics have also been completely remade from scratch. Additionally, there is now a lot more plot & cutscenes. Compare the difference.
(old)The Statues Live screenshot:

(new)Stone Spirit screenshot:

That's all for now, hope I can release these games soon!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

what up

hey guys whats up
It seems like I haven't posted in a while so just in case there's anyone out there whos actually interested, I'm just gonna give you the low-down on what is happening.

Last month there was that Game Jolt contest thingy, even though I'm a judge I still wanted to make something for it so I made Sneaky Guy Search, I'm currently adding little bitty updates to the game (making it so players can mod the graphics and stuff)... so hopefully I can release the update to that sometime soon.
I've also been playing some of the games from that contest to judge them, that's not so easy with internet as slow as mine. But I manage to scrape by with help from other judges who have faster interspeeds.

Just recently I started working a little bit more on Maximus Cerebrum. I had been busy with other things, but just recently found a bit of time and inspiration for it. I anxiously await the time when it is finished and I can release it to the world.

I've also been working on another project, Ice Cream Dodger... It's actually already finished, as a downloadable game. I started work on the game in hopes of putting it on Kongregate(and possibly other flash portals as well) as an addictive HTML5 game. Unfortunately, back then it was difficult to iron out the bugs that appeared once I imported the project into GameMaker Studio. But now I've gotten up the gusto and I'm making Ice Cream Dodger into a fun polished browser game! Let's hope it gets millions of plays when I'm done!

i think thats all
i cant be sure but i think thats all

Monday, November 18, 2013

Sneaky Guy Search

As some of you know there was recently a game making competition on Game Jolt.
I made a game called Sneaky Guy Search. It's a 2 player game in which one player hides while the other searches(a 1 player mode with GJ highscores is included as well!).

Game Idea was not mine(unfortunately) it was inspired by these 2 guys:

My game could almost be called a direct clone of "Heist"(from gmc link above). I felt like it would be a good idea to remake it for a couple of reasons. 1. Heist doesn't have very imaginative graphics. 2. Copying others ideas is a good way to learn things. 3. It was fun. 4. Heist was missing some features that I would have liked. Now I can make those features myself.

I plan on adding on some more updates and stuff to the game later. It needs music and sounds, too. I had a lot of fun with this one, though.

I hope you enjoy the game!


Friday, October 25, 2013

new tumblr blog thingy

A few days ago I made a new blog thingy on tumblr. It's basically just a bunch of doodles and sometimes comic things. It's orange doodle place!! I took a bit of inspiration from this one: lemons and saeizures drawn by Nik of gamejolt. If you can please follow both of them!

In other news, the Rocket Leaper update went okay. Not a whole lot of new players, but that could change in the future. Most players find the game rather difficult. Here are some stats the game has been recording through GJ API!

Deaths: 764
Hours Played:  4.03 (kindof pitiful, I know)
Rockets Frozen: 5841
Shots Missed: 786
GrapZaps: 1250
Powerups Acquired: 92
Showers Seen: 341
Showers Survived: 241

So on the bright side, everything seems to be working well and there aren't any glitches or bugs.

They also gave me a moderator badge on GameJolt, so that is something, too.

Will talk later.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lasor Dot Man HTML5 released!

A few of you may recall one of my older games, Lasor Dot Man. It was a game I created in 4 hours for the RDC. That's always fun. Anyway, I decided I'd like to port the game to HTML5. I took the game as an opportunity to mess around with the GameJolt API in GMStudio(Creds to Florian Van Strein for his great example).
The game is now available on GameJolt, there are 2 trophies you can get from it as well!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rocket Leaper V 1.4 Update!

I finally finished it up and published the latest version of Rocket Leaper! Now with GameJolt trophies and highscores!

Give the game a go on GameJolt!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sleepshooter featured on YYG

Sleepshooter has, indeed, been featured on the Yoyogames Sandbox! I've always dreamed of getting one of my games featured there, but somehow it doesn't seem as glamorous now as it would have been a few years ago. It just seems really dead there.

There are a few other tasty things you'll be glad to hear... I've been working on switching the online highscore system for Rocket Leaper over to GameJolt. I had previously been using Clockwork, but unfortunately the guy who was running that is taking it down or something. I'm also implementing some delicious trophies for the game as well, so you'll be able to get some yummy GameJolt EXP points!

A couple of my games have been getting bits of publicity as well, so that's always good.
Vision Pill was featured on Indie Impressions and!
Jerry Clouds was featured on Indie Statik and!

I also have access to some dainty informations on a few of the games uploaded to GameJolt. Ice Cream Dodger, for instance, after being downloaded nearly 700 times, has only been beaten 14 times(with well over 7000 deaths). Shevrolet Shotgun, on the other hand, with a bit over 700 downloads, has been beaten 112 times(with just a bit over 2000 deaths).
Yeah, I really like this handy lil GameJolt API thing :3

Until next time~


Friday, September 13, 2013

jerry clouds ported to HTML5

That's right! I've ported jerry clouds to HTML5, so now you don't have to manually download the game if you don't want to. You can enjoy the experience in the comfort of your own browser.
I've figured out how to get the sound working in Chrome as well as Firefox... the sounds still work more smoothly in Chrome, though.
You can play the game right away on Kongregate.

Thank you~!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

jerry clouds

I have released a new game about jerrys clouds. Downloads: GameJolt, Yoyogames
I hope you enjoy the game!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

an odd spelunky run

As some of you know, Derek Yu + Andy Hull recently released Spelunky HD for PC(like, a month ago)! I've been playing the game quite a bit and today had a very interesting run.
During most of the run I was pretty well set, I had a jetpack, a freeze ray, and a few other nice items. I angered Kali once early in the mines, though. Anyway, on the temple level before the Olmec boss fight, there was another altar. I wanted to find out what happens when you beat the game with the ball and chain(which Kali attaches to you when you displease her too much). So I dropped a bomb on her altar and took off. Suddenly, I couldn't sprint anymore... heck, I couldn't even go the normal walking speed! I had successfully acquired the curse of the ball and chain!

I picked up the lead spherical weight and went through the exit into the Olmec boss fight room. After the cutscene I quickly deployed a few ropes so I could get to the top of the level and open a few crates. At the end of my search I found myself with just 8 bombs. I didn't want to use Olmec to dig down into the lava for me, the ball and chain slowed me down too much and I didn't want to risk getting crushed. So I used every last bomb getting down to the bottom. After I adjusted Olmec's position a bit, he fell into my pit quite well. I scurried my character off to the exit. In the next room my character moved at a tremendously slow speed as the ball and chain was drug behind her.

It literally took like a whole minute for her to walk the entire distance to the treasure chest. But when she got there I noticed the traditional platform in front of the chest was missing.

The chest opened explosively and the golden idol flopped into the lava. Just as my character was about to fall in as well, the game switched to the next cutscene which shows the top of a volcano. My character and the idol came out of the opening at the peak. So Kali did not prevent me from having a victory after all.

The ball and chain mysteriously disappears in the ending credits in which you ride on a camel across the desert. I found this all very interesting. I hope you did, too.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

so yeah some things

There's been some things going on lately... unfortunately I haven't been doing much game-dev related activities(sad, I know). The 11th GMC Jam took place a few days ago but the theme didn't inspire me all that much (it was "monsters")... so I ended up deciding not to enter. Here's hoping there are some more game making jams coming in the near future!

Things floating in my head atm:
I kinda feel like making a platform shooter game... I also think I might wanna make a game about jumping on moving rockets and ufos and airplanes and stuff in the sky... but we'll see.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

baker flowers news

Some big news for baker flowers, guys. It was featured on as well as RockLeeSmile's youtube channel under "Indie Impressions". So that's pretty cool(don't watch if you don't want the game spoiled for you, though).

Thank you all for playing!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

baker flowers ported to HTML5

Yesterday I managed to finish porting baker flowers to HTML5... it was complicated, annoying, and enlightening at the same time(also satisfying when I was done). Anyway, after ironing out all the small glitches and stuff, as well as implementing GameMaker Studio's new audio system, I came to a final problem. On Kongregate, when you upload an HTML5 game, they put big ugly scrollbars around the game view. After much messing around, I found out that in order to fix this you must go to the global game settings in GMS and set the game to be put in the center of the browser. After doing this, the scrollbars disappeared and my game actually looked quite nice. So keep this in mind if you ever want to put one of your HTML5 games on Kongregate.

So here it is: baker flowers on Kongregate!

Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

baker flowers

I made a new game about bakers flowers. Here it is on gamejolt(or alternatively on yoyogames).
I hope you like it.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Flip Duck - full game now free!

I decided to remove the paid version of Flip Duck and just release the whole game for free! :)
Flip Duck on Google Play!

Please try it out, and have fun! :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Flip Duck Free available!

I decided to create a free version of Flip Duck for those of you who would like to try the game out before paying for it. The free version will only let you play 12 of the 40 levels in the game... but, anyway, I hope you guys enjoy!
Flip Duck Free on Google Play


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Flip Duck released on Google Play!

That's right! Flip Duck has been released on Google Play!
The game features 40 levels(more to come in future updates), colorful graphics, relaxing music, a shop with 8 decorative items, and the price is set at just $0.99! Reviews and ratings are much appreciated!

Have fun!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Flip Duck and things

If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen that I've gotten Flip Duck working as a native app on my Nexus 7(android device). Converting Flip Duck from an HTML5 game to an android app wasn't as simple as I would have expected, but yeah, I got it there in the end. Right now there are just a few finishing touches and things I need to make before it's ready to put up on Google Play(possibly other platforms later?).

I've been working on a couple of other things as well. Yesterday I uploaded Sleepshooter onto GameJolt... not sure why I hadn't done that before. A week or so ago I also updated Shevrolet Shotgun so that it now contains GameJolt trophies!

Ice Cream Dodger, the game I released on my birthday last month, has been rather well received... but unfortunately only one person has managed to beat it so far. So, yeah, the game is difficult for a lot of people(I can beat it practically every time, though).

That wraps up most of everything. They finally announced the "best of" results on the GMC(for the 10th jam). I got the award for "Best Use Of Theme". Aaaand I guess that's all for now!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

MiniJolt collaboration: Dazzling Dental Disaster

As some of you may recall from a previous post, Nik has started a 20-second minigame collaboration thing for GameMaker users over on GameJolt. Basically what you do is make a minigame lasting no longer than 20 seconds and then post it over on the GameJolt Forum topic(after which, Nik will add your minigame to the game compilation). There are a few more necessary guidelines you'll need to follow, so make sure you read the rules on the first post. (It might also be a good idea to try out the current demo, which includes a few of the current minigames)

Anyway, the reason I'm recapping this is because yesterday I created a second minigame entitled Dazzling Dental Disaster!

MS Paint is truly the greatest graphical tool in the world.

.exe Download, .gmres Download

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ludum Dare 26 + GMC Jam 10 results

A few weeks ago there were two jams happening almost simultaneously, the 10th GMC Jam and the 26th Ludum Dare... I managed to create my game, Sriggy Moggful in time for both of them! And here are the results!

Ludum Dare 26 (total entries: 2346)
Overall: 74th place
Mood: 3rd
Audio: 18th
Graphics: 225th

GMC Jam 10 (total entries: 59)
8th place

I'm quite pleased with how things turned out. :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Birthday release: Ice Cream Dodger!

Hey, guys! As some of you know today is my birthday(also banov's)! I was having some difficulties with the game due to a stupid problem in my code. Fortunately I got it fixed, the GameJolt API started functioning properly, and I just decided to release it right away.

Ladies and gents, I present the amazing

Currently it's only uploaded to GameJolt but that will change later when I have more time.

Please check it out and possibly even leave a comment and/or rating(as a birthday gift to me)!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

OVER 9000!!!

My blog now has over 9000 views(which is not a very big number, really)!

Anyway! I've made a lot of progress working on Maximus Cerebrum the last few days... the game isn't quite complete, of course, but it's getting steadily there.
Today I went ahead and revamped the game menu and in-game pause menu, so instead of seeing stuff like "N - New Game, L - Load Game, etc." there's an actual scrolling menu that looks all fancy and everything. No more hunting your keyboard for the right buttons!
Here's a screenshot for your viewing pleasure:

See those lines in the background? I copied the idea from Iji's in-game pause menu(sue me)! I think it looks pretty spiffy. It should look even spiffier when you see it in motion(and hopefully that won't be too long from now!).

I'll be releasing version .8 of Maximus Cerebrum to some testers within a few days or so. If you'd like to have a nibble at the game yourself, you can check the contact me page or send me a PM on the GMC.

Wondering what "---" on the menu is for? We shall see...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sriggy Moggful HTML5 port

That's right! I've ported Sriggy Moggful to HTML5!

You can check it out on the GMC Topic here or play it directly here! (Play in Chrome for best results)

Bonus: Sriggy Moggful has been featured on!
Yeah, pretty spiffy!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

things and more things

Today Snail advised me to draw a sad toaster:
Big ugly thick black outlines, oh yeah!

Anyway, there are some other random and interesting things I'd like to tell you guys about...
Sriggy Moggful, a game I made for the 10th GMC Jam as well as the 26th Ludum Dare is at 3:17 in this video:
You can download and rate Sriggy Moggful on it's Ludum Dare page or just leave a comment on the GMC Topic.

I'd also neglected to upload Shevrolet Shotgun to the Yoyogames sandbox... but it is up there now... and softpedia, always keeping a close eye on me, has uploaded both Sriggy Moggful and Shevrolet Shotgun to the profile they made of me on their site.

Interesting Shevrolet Shotgun stats:
Total times completed: 59
Total shots fired: 40013
Total enemies destroyed: 12218
Total player deaths: 679

Maximus Cerebrum has undergone a large bit of progress, I'm not going into specifics, though, as I don't want to spoil anything. I will just say that the game is now approximately 85% complete!
I'll end this with a screenshot:

Monday, April 29, 2013

Sriggy Moggful released!

Sriggy Moggful, a game created for the 10th GMC Jam as well as the 26th Ludum Dare competition, has been released!

Downloads: GameJolt, YoyoGames, Ludum Dare Page
GMC Topic

Please give the game a go, and possibly leave a comment or rating(here or elsewhere). :)



Friday, April 26, 2013

GMC Jam 10 begins in 7 hours

That's right! The tenth GMC Jam starts in approximately 7 hours! Everyone get ready!

Fun fact: I've participated in every jam thus far excluding the first one(due to it's horrible theme of "pancakes").

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gotta Break Em All (game spotlight)

Gotta Break Em All is a platform game created by Nanolotl for the 4th GMC Jam(which took place 1 or 2 years ago). The theme on this particular jam was "laws". Nanolotl created a game in which the goal was to break every single law written on a certain piece of paper the player can view by simply pressing the X key.

The graphics are smooth and simplistic(in a good way) and stick to a consistent style. There are also sound effects, but sadly no music. The game plays through quite nicely, certain parts are rather difficult, but not overly, or I would have rage-quit and never beaten the game. My only complaint is that the game is too short, I think it deserves an update(or sequel) with more laws to break and more levels.

So, yeah... Gotta Break Em All is a really fun, albeit short game that I highly recommend you give a try! Links: GMC Topic, YYG Page.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

GMC Jam 10 around the corner

Yesterday the official GMC Jam 10 competition topic was posted! It takes place in approximately one week(countdown timer). For those of you who have never heard of this before, the GMC Jam is a 72 hour event where you make (preferably) an experimental game from scratch, based on the given theme and restricted by the given handicap(which are both announced at the start of the competition). Participants are encouraged to go out of their game-dev comfort zones and try out new things.


I will be participating. *puts on shades*

Friday, April 19, 2013

working on stuff

Yeah, I've been working a lot recently. On real stuff. So let's get started talking about those things, 'cause I know you guys are just itching to hear about all the latest gossip & games.

In the first place, I went mad for a few days last week and just, like, made 2 new HTML5 games, from start to finish real quick.
The first baby I've named Slime Slide:

The second one is level-based and I just went out on a limb and called it Puffy Penguin:

So, yeah, that was a pretty productive week right there. SO, if you're some sort of HTML5 sponsor looking for high quality games, feel free to contact me!

I've also been working on an android port of one of my other recent HTML5 creations, Flip Duck! If everything works out all right, Flip Duck will be available for your androids on google play within 2 weeks(and that's a guess). Here's hoping everything works out well!

Keep calm and game dev on!


Saturday, April 13, 2013

bloody exploding werewolves

Today I was bored and asked Zeddy (Admin) in the GMC IRC to think of something for me to draw so I could practice a bit using one of my favorite graphical tools, GIMP! "An exploding werewolf" was the reply... violent, right? I take no responsibility for what resulted:

It looks so realistic!

This might end up being a weekly thing, where I doodle whatever is requested each saturday in the GMC IRC. Eventually there's bound to be some sort of improvement in my drawing skills.
I guess that's all for now.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

GameJolt "Chaos" contest winners announced!

Hey, you! Guess what? The GameJolt "Chaos" game dev contest results are in! Check out the results here!
Yeah, I didn't place(in the top 3). Just got an honorable mention, which means I've actually placed somewhere in the top 13(unlucky, right?). There were a whopping 92 entries, anyway, so all things considered, I didn't do too poorly. (In case you missed it, my entry was Shevrolet Shotgun!)
The important thing is that I made a game and that I had fun making it. The contest has been a huge success for me in that respect. Big thanks to GameJolt for hosting this competition!

Remember, big things are happening in the near future. Big things.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Minigame Collaboration

A developer some of you may have heard of, Nik, has started a minigame collaboration of sorts. The project needs game maker devs to create short games that last a maximum of 20 seconds. More info on the GameJolt forum topic here.

The idea has been very well organized, so that even I am participating. It took me just a few hours to whip up a quick piece of crap minigame called Headbonker Extreme. I highly recommend my fellow developers to participate in this collaboration.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Newsy news

After receiving some more comments for Shevrolet Shotgun I became aware that the game needed an infinite mode. Before, it was pretty much impossible to get a score over 15000 because the game always ended before you could rack up that many points... but now I've added an infinite mode option for those of you who just want to make as high a score as possible.

Aaaand here's a youtube video of the game, courtesty of Nik.

In other news, Maximus Cerebrum is still a thing. I've made little bits of progress here and there, right now I'm just mustering up more motivation to work on it. I've been busy in real life and with the recent GameJolt contest. So for now, here's a screenshot:

Another thing you may be wondering about is The Sound Of Murder project. I haven't really made much progress on it... mostly because I've put Maximus Cerebrum up as my 1st priority project. I'm definitely going to finish it eventually, though. I've got some really interesting things in my head that I have planned for it.

One other thing! KniteBlargh, a GameJolt member who also happens to be a graphical artist has, on request, done a remake of my avatar in his own style. It's pretty sweet, check it out!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Shevrolet Shotgun released!

As some of you know, GameJolt recently hosted a (I think 10 day long) game making contest with the theme "Chaos". I used 5 of the days available to create my game...

Shevrolet Shotgun!!1

I actually released the game a week ago... I neglected to post the game here on my blog because I first wanted to implement the GameJolt API for highscores and stuff. Huge credits to Nik for helping me out with that... also thanks to Shelby and ThatSnail for beta testing the game before it's first release! You guys rock!
Note: You can only submit your scores if you are registered on GameJolt.

Have fun and don't ragequit! :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

So I completed Vesper.5

Yup. Yesterday I completed the one-move-per-day game, Vesper.5!
All in all, it took a bit over a hundred moves(days) to complete the game... I was kinda disappointed how it ended, though.

Just to clarify, the game is very limiting to play in that you are only allowed to move one tile space per day... you're supposed to make playing the game every day become some sort of ritual or habit for yourself. I started playing the game sometime way back in November last year... and I completed it on March 3rd(yesterday). I was disappointed with the ending, though... not that it was terrible[SPOILERS AHEAD]... I just expected the red cloaked dude to be headed towards some greater destination, not a simple credits screen containing the word "Complete" on it. Now, some of you may be thinking, what's wrong with a credits screen? It's not that I don't like credits, it's that I think, considering the amount of effort required to complete the game, I deserve a bit more of a reward. I even came up with an idea for how the game could have ended better.

You stand directly above the ending red portal, taking a deep breath, you press the down arrow key. The screen fades to white as the portal does it's magic. Suddenly, you find yourself in a much more colorful world, grass waves in the wind, birds flock near a water brook. Then, boom! A giant rock-creature stomps behind you. You would race the creature, heading left, as always... and this time you won't have to wait a day before making each move. Then after the race, the game would end with the player rising into the sky whilst a rainbow glimmers in the background or something.

My two cents.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Inspirational Game Developers

I think all of us game developers have received inspiration and even motivation from fellow developers who have displayed remarkable prowess in their fields of expertise. This subject was brought to my attention when we were talking about our favorite indie devs on the GMC IRC, so I figured I would list some of my favorites right here on my blog. As far as most of my favorite developers go, I couldn't put any single one of them higher than another... as each one has their own specific talents and traits that I admire.
I think something that happens to us as we play games is that we take these certain bits and elements of games that we like best to form an idea in our brain of what we think is a good game. I know for sure that this has happened to me.

Some of the first computer games I've played have been GM games. Assassin Blue(platform game released 6 years ago), in particular was a very memorable experience to my 10 year old brain. I think part of what made me so hep on making platform view games was that I played a lot of them when I was younger and I grew to like them a whole lot. In general, game ideas in my brain often tend to form as platformers. Some of the non-GM games I've played as a kid include: Chip's Challenge, Rodent's Revenge, Rat Poker, Jezzball, Pipe Dream, Tetris.
... so, yeah... mostly just stuff from the microsoft entertainment pack...

In particular, Chip's Challenge was a big inspiration to me when I was growing up as a developer. Heck, I've even tried to clone it a couple times. You can still see a lot of the puzzle elements of Chip's Challenge in some of my latest games... and I don't think that's a bad thing.

The dumb and fat creator of Assassin Blue, Greg Lobanov(aka Banov), has also made some other fantastic games. Dubloon, Escape from the Underworld, Crazy Over Goo, to name a few. Hence, he has been very inspirational to me. I'd also like to mention that we share the same birth date; May 18. He's exactly 4 years older than I am. Did I mention I also have an older brother who was born on May 18? My older brother, on the other hand, is 5 years older than I am. What are the odds of such a phenomenon?

Many will recognize the name of Daniel Remar(aka Ultimortal). His creations vary from serious story-involved platform shooters(Iji) to silly rope swinging arcade games(Garden Gnome Carnage). Iji, which Remar calls his most ambitious project, has been very influential to me. In particular, if you look at the game closely, you'll see there is an almost mind-bogglingly large amount of details spread throughout all ten sector levels. I also found the story-changing elements in Iji to be particularly fascinating. Daniel Remar is a developer I will always look up to.

Probably a much lesser known developer that has been inspirational to me is Roy Tu(aka ThatSnail). He has made several small-scale games and some of us know him as a GMC forum member. His creations are often very wacky and interesting, although not as massive as Iji or Assassin Blue. Canvas, one of Snail's oldest projects is a game that has fascinated me ever since I first played it. Basically, you're this rectangle guy who has to get through the game by mixing colors and then painting himself to get through certain situations(E.G. Paint yourself green so you can pass by trees without a guard seeing you). If you'd like, you can try the game out on yoyogames.
One of the really nice things about ThatSnail is his helpful attitude towards other developers. I think a lot of the GMC IRC regulars know that he's a go-to guy if you ever need GML assistance or even general game design questions. I, msyelf have utilized his brain when searching for storyline ideas, game elements, and occasional GML advice. He's a very helpful guy.

There are several other game developers who have a reputation for making good games that you can depend on to be entertaining... but I would never be able to finish this post if I wrote about all of them... for now, I leave you with a list of all the devs that I can remember(starting with the aforementioned 3).

Greg Lobanov (Banov)
Daniel Remar (Ultimortal)
Roy Tu (TatSnail)
Matt Thorson
Nick Larin (scream681)
Jesse Venbrux (2Dcube)
Tom Sennet
Noel Berry
Liam Berry
Tuuka Virtanen
Alexis Andújar (Alexitron)
Alex Schacher (Bagdaddy)
Andrew Brophy
Derek Yu
Chevy Ray Johnston
Robert Geers
Nate Bradley (andor00)
John Baker (Fawful, Fawesome)
Jake Clover (Normalen Baren)
Gideon Simons (QOG)
Matthew Bowden (True Valhalla)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Raocow does more LPs!

Raocow has LP'd 2 of my games: The Statues Live and Morph Worlds!
Youtube Links:
The Statues Live
Morph Worlds

I'm very pleased with these 2 LPs because in each one Raocow completes the entire game and sees each game's final cutscene. In the past he has also LP'd some of my other GMC Jam entries: "Water, water, water" and Sleepshooter.
Raocow is doing a very nice service for the GMC with these Let's Plays... let's give him a big hand, everyone!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Morph Worlds HTML5 released!

Morph Worlds, a game made in 72 hours for the seventh GMC Jam, which received the 2nd place trophy, has been released as an HTML5 game which you can play directly in your browser!

GMC Topic
HTML5 Haven Page

(Recommended Browser: Chrome)

Be sure to check it out! If you're feeling generous, leave a rating on HTML5 haven. If you're a GMC Member, you can leave a comment on the GMC Topic.

Have fun!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Vision Pill released!

Vision Pill, a GMC Jam 9 entry, has been released!

GMC Topic, GameJolt, Yoyogames.

Game, graphics, sound FX - orange08
Music: http://www.newground...o/listen/423085 by ChaosDragon004

Special thanks: ThatSnail, Rawrity.

Have fun!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

GMC Jam #9 coming up in 3 days

The 9th GMC Jam is approaching(like 3 days or something)!!! If you're interested in participating in any way, shape, or form, just check out the GMC Topic here.

In other news, I started a couple new forum games in the off-topic section of the GMC.
Draw what you saw and Dude with a blue shirt and yellow dot adventures.

A couple days ago I finished a new HTML5 game designed for mobile devices! It's called Flip Duck... because you're a duck that can(make a guess!)... reverse gravity.


I managed to finish the game in only 10 days, which is incredible considering how lazy I usually am.

That's all for now, I guess. Hopefully I'll be able to get some more work done on Maximus Cerebrum now. I'm going to need beta testers for it in a couple months, I'd say.