Monday, April 29, 2013

Sriggy Moggful released!

Sriggy Moggful, a game created for the 10th GMC Jam as well as the 26th Ludum Dare competition, has been released!

Downloads: GameJolt, YoyoGames, Ludum Dare Page
GMC Topic

Please give the game a go, and possibly leave a comment or rating(here or elsewhere). :)



Friday, April 26, 2013

GMC Jam 10 begins in 7 hours

That's right! The tenth GMC Jam starts in approximately 7 hours! Everyone get ready!

Fun fact: I've participated in every jam thus far excluding the first one(due to it's horrible theme of "pancakes").

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gotta Break Em All (game spotlight)

Gotta Break Em All is a platform game created by Nanolotl for the 4th GMC Jam(which took place 1 or 2 years ago). The theme on this particular jam was "laws". Nanolotl created a game in which the goal was to break every single law written on a certain piece of paper the player can view by simply pressing the X key.

The graphics are smooth and simplistic(in a good way) and stick to a consistent style. There are also sound effects, but sadly no music. The game plays through quite nicely, certain parts are rather difficult, but not overly, or I would have rage-quit and never beaten the game. My only complaint is that the game is too short, I think it deserves an update(or sequel) with more laws to break and more levels.

So, yeah... Gotta Break Em All is a really fun, albeit short game that I highly recommend you give a try! Links: GMC Topic, YYG Page.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

GMC Jam 10 around the corner

Yesterday the official GMC Jam 10 competition topic was posted! It takes place in approximately one week(countdown timer). For those of you who have never heard of this before, the GMC Jam is a 72 hour event where you make (preferably) an experimental game from scratch, based on the given theme and restricted by the given handicap(which are both announced at the start of the competition). Participants are encouraged to go out of their game-dev comfort zones and try out new things.


I will be participating. *puts on shades*

Friday, April 19, 2013

working on stuff

Yeah, I've been working a lot recently. On real stuff. So let's get started talking about those things, 'cause I know you guys are just itching to hear about all the latest gossip & games.

In the first place, I went mad for a few days last week and just, like, made 2 new HTML5 games, from start to finish real quick.
The first baby I've named Slime Slide:

The second one is level-based and I just went out on a limb and called it Puffy Penguin:

So, yeah, that was a pretty productive week right there. SO, if you're some sort of HTML5 sponsor looking for high quality games, feel free to contact me!

I've also been working on an android port of one of my other recent HTML5 creations, Flip Duck! If everything works out all right, Flip Duck will be available for your androids on google play within 2 weeks(and that's a guess). Here's hoping everything works out well!

Keep calm and game dev on!


Saturday, April 13, 2013

bloody exploding werewolves

Today I was bored and asked Zeddy (Admin) in the GMC IRC to think of something for me to draw so I could practice a bit using one of my favorite graphical tools, GIMP! "An exploding werewolf" was the reply... violent, right? I take no responsibility for what resulted:

It looks so realistic!

This might end up being a weekly thing, where I doodle whatever is requested each saturday in the GMC IRC. Eventually there's bound to be some sort of improvement in my drawing skills.
I guess that's all for now.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

GameJolt "Chaos" contest winners announced!

Hey, you! Guess what? The GameJolt "Chaos" game dev contest results are in! Check out the results here!
Yeah, I didn't place(in the top 3). Just got an honorable mention, which means I've actually placed somewhere in the top 13(unlucky, right?). There were a whopping 92 entries, anyway, so all things considered, I didn't do too poorly. (In case you missed it, my entry was Shevrolet Shotgun!)
The important thing is that I made a game and that I had fun making it. The contest has been a huge success for me in that respect. Big thanks to GameJolt for hosting this competition!

Remember, big things are happening in the near future. Big things.