Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What ever happened to Rocket Leaper? O:

 So I was playing AUS (An Untitled Story) today(I'm almost halfway through) and suddenly I realized: "I haven't released Rocket Leaper yet!".
So anyways, I know people all over the world are waiting actively with drool oozing down their chins for this game(right?)... Don't worry, people! The game will be released as soon as I get 3 or so music tracks for the game, there are 2 people working on them and so far I haven't got anything yet. :\  So just be patient pl0x.

On an unrelated note, what is the scariest 2D game you've ever played? I'm looking for ideas on how to make my game scary(for my "Scary 4 Digits" comp game). So far I've gotten some really good ideas from the people over at TIGSource. Still could use some more concepts though.


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  1. Sorry, it shouldn't take much longer. I guess I fell victim to Valve time again.

    I don't know about scary 2D but scary 3D I have seen. Amnesia is a cliche example, so I'll go with another stranger example, Half Life 2. It isn't really too scary, but the way it's made, some parts really make you feel paranoid and expectant. Great design in that game.


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