Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Endings Of The Ugly soon to be released

I've been quite busy lately. Hardly any progress on Maximus Cerebrum but I hope to start picking up on that soon. Also, I'm 99% finished with a new game called...


Menu screenshot

So anyways, it's finished except I need a music track for it. It is basically the first Saga Of The Ugly remade with bunches of more content and improvements. I've created it within the restrictions of GM:HTML5 so I can quickly port it to be playable in browsers.

In other news, there is a new forum that is called Game Maker Music. It was created by Icmyx to be like the GMC except putting music first instead of games. Pretty neat, I am requesting music for my game, Endings Of The Ugly there.

Does anyone remember that cursor game I posted about a while back? I should really get back to working on that... but there's been a lot of encouragement for Maximus Cerebrum so I'd feel like a lazy slob if I kept working on other projects instead. So basically, my priorities are like this right now:

-Get music for Endings Of The Ugly, finish it.
-Finish Maximus Cerebrum.
-Post a demo for the cursor game.

That's it I guess. Thanks for reading. :)

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