Saturday, July 14, 2012

Some new games...

Lately I have been working on a new game called Ice Cream Dodger. It's a remake of an old WIP that I never finished. It is the first game I have ever made that uses digital graphics instead of pixel-art.

I also uploaded a low quality video to youtube of some of the gameplay. The game is complete except it needs music and sound effects. Dean Harris is going to compose the music, he also made the track used in Rocket Leaper.

Endings Of The Ugly has undergone some beta testing and a few nasty glitches have been fixed. I am still waiting for Twee to finish the music track for the game, however.

I'm going to start working on Maximus Cerebrum as soon as I release Ice Cream Dodger and Endings Of The Ugly.

I Guess that's it...

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