Thursday, December 13, 2012

shaky avatar collection

Today I compiled (I think) all of the shaky avatars I've made and put them together into one big gif!
TerraFriedSheep (previously known as Soulsnatcher) had an avatar that was 48 X 48, so it doesn't fit in that well with the others. Anyway, it's here... the result of my boredom.

Going from left to right, their usernames are: TheSnidr, Icymx, lemon405, orange08(me), TerraFriedSheep, True Valhalla, Sir, Davve, and RoyTheShort.
I think I did ThatSnail's avatar, too... but as I recall, I didn't go by proper drawing procedures on that one... maybe I'll try again sometime in the future.

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