Friday, April 19, 2013

working on stuff

Yeah, I've been working a lot recently. On real stuff. So let's get started talking about those things, 'cause I know you guys are just itching to hear about all the latest gossip & games.

In the first place, I went mad for a few days last week and just, like, made 2 new HTML5 games, from start to finish real quick.
The first baby I've named Slime Slide:

The second one is level-based and I just went out on a limb and called it Puffy Penguin:

So, yeah, that was a pretty productive week right there. SO, if you're some sort of HTML5 sponsor looking for high quality games, feel free to contact me!

I've also been working on an android port of one of my other recent HTML5 creations, Flip Duck! If everything works out all right, Flip Duck will be available for your androids on google play within 2 weeks(and that's a guess). Here's hoping everything works out well!

Keep calm and game dev on!


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