Saturday, July 6, 2013

baker flowers ported to HTML5

Yesterday I managed to finish porting baker flowers to HTML5... it was complicated, annoying, and enlightening at the same time(also satisfying when I was done). Anyway, after ironing out all the small glitches and stuff, as well as implementing GameMaker Studio's new audio system, I came to a final problem. On Kongregate, when you upload an HTML5 game, they put big ugly scrollbars around the game view. After much messing around, I found out that in order to fix this you must go to the global game settings in GMS and set the game to be put in the center of the browser. After doing this, the scrollbars disappeared and my game actually looked quite nice. So keep this in mind if you ever want to put one of your HTML5 games on Kongregate.

So here it is: baker flowers on Kongregate!

Hope you enjoy!

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