Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sleepshooter featured on YYG

Sleepshooter has, indeed, been featured on the Yoyogames Sandbox! I've always dreamed of getting one of my games featured there, but somehow it doesn't seem as glamorous now as it would have been a few years ago. It just seems really dead there.

There are a few other tasty things you'll be glad to hear... I've been working on switching the online highscore system for Rocket Leaper over to GameJolt. I had previously been using Clockwork, but unfortunately the guy who was running that is taking it down or something. I'm also implementing some delicious trophies for the game as well, so you'll be able to get some yummy GameJolt EXP points!

A couple of my games have been getting bits of publicity as well, so that's always good.
Vision Pill was featured on Indie Impressions and!
Jerry Clouds was featured on Indie Statik and!

I also have access to some dainty informations on a few of the games uploaded to GameJolt. Ice Cream Dodger, for instance, after being downloaded nearly 700 times, has only been beaten 14 times(with well over 7000 deaths). Shevrolet Shotgun, on the other hand, with a bit over 700 downloads, has been beaten 112 times(with just a bit over 2000 deaths).
Yeah, I really like this handy lil GameJolt API thing :3

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