Tuesday, January 26, 2016

i made a screensaver

A few days ago jwaaaap and Kitty Calis hosted the #screensaverjam on itch.io. I was very eager to participate.

I made a very colorful screensaver, using surfaces to achieve some interesting effects.

My screensaver was even linked to on the rockpapershotgun post about the jam. They said about it: "These colours hurt my eyes in pleasant ways."
You can download my screensaver, named "Screen Flavor" right now on itch.io!

In other news, my latest actual game project, Gebub's Adventure is progressing very well. There are about 12 unique environments & areas so far. The latest additions to the game world are the winter mountains.

I am considering putting Gebub's Adventure on Steam Greenlight. Might have a trailer up in a week or 2. Stay tuned! :)

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