Thursday, March 24, 2016

Gebub's Adventure Kickstarter Launch Date Announced

The Kickstarter for Gebub's Adventure now has an official launch date: April 5. Just twelve days away! Make sure to mark your calendar!

I'm running this campaign because I cannot afford the cost of music all by myself. I need help from you, I need help from all my fans, to fully complete the game with a high quality soundtrack. I'm really excited for the launch, and I hope you guys will enjoy the new trailer & all the fresh content that will be made available on April 5th.

 Gebub's Adventure has a Devlog on TIGForums and is also currently on Steam Greenlight!


  1. Hey, I feel you there! This is the same reason I don't outsource the art and stuff like that, costs a fortune! Good luck though, I'll back it :)

    1. It does cost a lot, not a fortune, but a lot! Thanks for your support!


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