Monday, August 22, 2011

New Games Page

I've added a Games Page and put in my WIP's and Finished games there.

I recently entered 2 games in the GMC Jam #3, which ended on the 1st of August or something. You make a game in 72 hours based on the theme they give, this time it was "LIVE". My first game "Rocket Leaper" was, In my opinion, quite a fun and original concept, however some people seemed to think that it didn't stick to the theme very well and/or got boring real quick. I have plans to finish it sometime soon when I have a chance as I believe it has a lot of potential.

My second game was titled "The Statues Live!", a lame name, I know. In the game you control 2 lifeless statues by way of a life-giving orb that transfers itself between them. It's a puzzle platformer. I'm remaking the game ATM, and trying to make a procedural generator that creates puzzles(also I'm probably gonna rename the game something like "Curse Of Stone"). Wish me luck!


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