Tuesday, August 23, 2011

new laptop

I just got a new laptop, my brother gave it to me since he didn't use it anymore and mine had broken. All I can say is, I can see why he didn't use this laptop.
It's pretty loud at times, it stays quiet for like 10 seconds, then turns the fan on for about 10 seconds, on and off, it gets quite annoying. Also, the touchpad, the touchpad is awful. It's hard impossible to tell by touching it, whether it is just the flatness of your keyboard or one of the clickers. Also this computer has tapping, I hate tapping, and I especially hate it when you CAN'T DISABLE TAPPING (by the way, you can't disable tapping on this computer)  (o\_/o)

What makes it even worse is that I have an external mouse, and it picked this time to break.

So don't expect much from me until I buy myself a new external mouse...

Oh, one more thing, there's a competition over at GameJolt that started last Saturday and you have a month or something to make a game based on the theme "Music Interpretation". Hopefully I can make something for it, despite these horrid circumstances.
Also, lol, I'm following my own blog.

-angry orange

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