Friday, September 2, 2011


Well it seems as if I may not be entering the Indie(function)/GameJolt competition after all. I have too many other projects that need attending to right now.

If you often browse the GMC Game Ideas & Design forum you may know that I have been working on remaking Rocket Leaper(name is subject to change). Rocket Leaper, as some of you know, was a GMC Jam #3 entry made in 72 hours... wait no, 36 hours, I spent the rest of my time on a second  entry for the jam :3
 >image removed<
I've been focusing on making better graphics for it, taking bits of advice from the GMC Chatroom. I think it looks pretty good...
I'm glad I started reworking the game from scratch, because, as you know, the GMC Jam version was made in 36 hours, and certainly rushed, with lots and lots of trashy "code". So starting fresh has made it easier to implement some of the new ideas that have been suggested on my game ideas topic HERE.

Meanwhile, my other Jam entry, "The Statues Live!" has had it's little sequel sitting around for a while. I've made some pretty nifty progress on the pro-gen'd levels so far. I'm just having a bit of trouble figuring out how I'm going to make the random levels be actual puzzles.

That's all for now!


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