Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rocket Leaper - Almost done + New project - GameCluster

Rocket Leaper is basically finished, all it needs now is music and highscore protection (they are easily hackable atm). Can't wait to release it to you guys!

I've started a new project~
(Panoken, one of the OSG's)
Click image for full size

GameCluster will be a compilation of OSG's (One-script-games) all put together into one game. Right now it only has 2 games in it(made by me), one of them is not really complete though. You can check out the GMC WIP Topic here, or just download right here. These one-script-games are not (hopefully) going to be made exclusively by me, I hope to get other people to chip in and contribute their own OSG's to this project. So feel free to send me a PM on the GMC or email me at to submit an OSG.


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