Thursday, January 12, 2012

Maximus Cerebrum

Maximus Cerebrum is a platform adventure game with puzzle elements, stealth, and primarily b&w graphics.

I've been working on it roughly since the beginning of January. I've got some testers for it, and am slowly progressing with it. I'll give more details in later blog posts. Stay tuned.

I recently discovered something very interesting and amusing :3
ThatSnail directed my attention to the Stats page you could view that showed you a lot of neat details about the people who view your site and stuff. Here is an image of the countries that give me the most traffic.

Korea is giving me heaps of traffic, and it seems to be the result of 1 word.


It must be some Korean word or something... because ever since I made this blog post  the amount of blog views I get has skyrocketed. (on that post)
Another thing to note is that I get more views from people using ANDROIDS than Windows! And I'm guessing that it's because Koreans use Androids as well. xD

You know what this means? You can increase your traffic just by using the word Beeg in your stuff! I just hope they don't get angry when everyone starts exploiting this. :3

Thx 4 reading.


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