Thursday, January 5, 2012

SF Dem

PixelHouseToast is notorious on YYG for his random games with unique concepts and graphical effects. I'm not very interested in most of his new games because they are a bit TOO random for my tastes :P SF DEM is an exception, it shows what PHT is really capable of if he puts time into his work. It's still a WIP, he just released it to see what people thought of it, and I must say, it is a really cool game. PHT describes the game as "horror/puzzle/surreal", which is very accurate. It was rather horrific the first time I saw the... well, I don't want to spoil TOO much of the game for you ;)

There are 2 different endings in the game. When you reach them the game will just say "Game Over". So don't rack your brains out trying to find out how to "win the game", because this is a WIP and right now it only has 2 (very special) endings. I also suggest having your sound on while playing, it seems like quite a bit of effort was put into audio. :)

Try it out on Yoyogames!


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