Monday, March 12, 2012

Deharmonized Review

I was looking at YellowAfterLife's new blog and found a post with a review of a game, Deharmonized.
The screenshots looked nice, the review was pleasing. So I decided to play the game myself.

It is a very abstract one-button game, about as simplistic as it gets. After playing through the game and finding it a pleasant experience I decided to review it on the YYG page here. I recommend anyone who has 10 minutes to kill to try it out.

Work on Maximus Cerebrum has come to a halt, I have, by no means abandoned it, I'm just not in the mood for working on it right now... my lack of motivation is caused by having such a trashy computer. Every time I run an .exe or play a flash game, my computer fans scream rather loud and annoyingly(sometimes they do that anyway, though). This causes me to have an aversion to working on my games. I'm definitely getting a new computer sometime soon. Maybe sometime after YellowAfterLife finishes porting Rocket Leaper to flash ;) Hopefully we can get a sponsor who will pay us for the game.


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