Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the future holds big things


Does anyone remember when I started that Iji Fangame Sequel thing and it failed utterly? Man, I thought that would be the death of me. There was way too much ambition in the idea. I'm thinking of starting over on a little Iji-fangame project, without getting a bunch of teammates who try to force me to work. Being Indie. Being your own boss. That's the way to go.

Of course, I would not even begin to work on an Iji fangame now. I've got too many projects already. Of course, the only one I really would need to finish before starting work on another game is Maximus Cerebrum. Gotta get that new computer!

So long, and thanks, for all the fish.

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  1. That was probably my fault too, I'm lazy and I use my blog to get to yours. xD


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