Friday, October 5, 2012

Celebrating 50th post!

Achievement Unlocked: 50 blog posts!

Anyway, not much news... I finished another html5 game that is somewhat Halloween themed, I'm beginning to really enjoy using Gimp to draw graphics. I hated Gimp at first but once I got used to the interface it was smooth sailing (mostly) from there.

I just got on Twitter! So, now you can follow me there, and I may even follow you back!

Check out my victory post on the GMC, where I announce my triumph in the online highscores of Rocket Leaper! For months now, Soulsnatcher(aka TerraFriedSheep) had been in 1st place, laughing at me, I could almost hear him mocking me every time I tried to beat it. Well, guess who's laughing now? That's right, the orange you've all come to know and despise love!

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