Wednesday, October 31, 2012

GMC Jam #8 Post Mortem

As some of you know, I collaborated with 11clock to make a game for the 8th GMC Jam. We named the game "Desperate". While not, by any means, a masterpiece, I was glad we were able to release at least something. I've only collaborated once before, for the Scary 4 Digits competition over at 64Digits, with Bret Hudson. It wasn't so bad since we had a whole month to make our game... but when you only have 72 hours, things are a lot different.

After we released a finished version of Desperate onto the GMC, I decided to make a quick project using the precious remaining jam hours. I ended up using less than 3 hours to make a thing I called buk. Basically, it's a short book with (ms paint) illustrations instead of words. The only thing you can do in buk is turn the pages, listen to the old music, and enjoy the scribbled illustrations that look like they were drawn by the very early stages of a fetus.

All in all, the 8th GMC Jam was very successful. There were 60+ entries.

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