Friday, March 15, 2013

Shevrolet Shotgun released!

As some of you know, GameJolt recently hosted a (I think 10 day long) game making contest with the theme "Chaos". I used 5 of the days available to create my game...

Shevrolet Shotgun!!1

I actually released the game a week ago... I neglected to post the game here on my blog because I first wanted to implement the GameJolt API for highscores and stuff. Huge credits to Nik for helping me out with that... also thanks to Shelby and ThatSnail for beta testing the game before it's first release! You guys rock!
Note: You can only submit your scores if you are registered on GameJolt.

Have fun and don't ragequit! :)

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  1. Woah! Nice! I jumped at the start screen, though. I set the music a bit too loud XD. And i love how you drew the graphic. How'd you that? But whatever it is, 'still loved this game. 9.7/10 =]


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