Saturday, May 18, 2013

Birthday release: Ice Cream Dodger!

Hey, guys! As some of you know today is my birthday(also banov's)! I was having some difficulties with the game due to a stupid problem in my code. Fortunately I got it fixed, the GameJolt API started functioning properly, and I just decided to release it right away.

Ladies and gents, I present the amazing

Currently it's only uploaded to GameJolt but that will change later when I have more time.

Please check it out and possibly even leave a comment and/or rating(as a birthday gift to me)!



  1. Happy Birthday orange!

    I loved your game, just a quick note that I couldn't log into GJ on it because the username field only allowed up to 13 characters :(

    Still, I don't want to hog all your online highscore tables :D


    1. Dear TerraFriedSheep,
      although you may only see 13 characters on the screen, rest assured, all the characters you have typed are in the username field. Just make sure you type your name in correctly and you can log in fine.
      Good luck getting in online highscores.


    2. I tried changing my token but it still wouldn't log in. Luckily my old account did log in!

    3. I apologize for any inconvenience, SheepSnatcher! I've now uploaded V 1.01 to gamejolt which allows for much longer usernames all over the screen, yeah.


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