Saturday, May 4, 2013

things and more things

Today Snail advised me to draw a sad toaster:
Big ugly thick black outlines, oh yeah!

Anyway, there are some other random and interesting things I'd like to tell you guys about...
Sriggy Moggful, a game I made for the 10th GMC Jam as well as the 26th Ludum Dare is at 3:17 in this video:
You can download and rate Sriggy Moggful on it's Ludum Dare page or just leave a comment on the GMC Topic.

I'd also neglected to upload Shevrolet Shotgun to the Yoyogames sandbox... but it is up there now... and softpedia, always keeping a close eye on me, has uploaded both Sriggy Moggful and Shevrolet Shotgun to the profile they made of me on their site.

Interesting Shevrolet Shotgun stats:
Total times completed: 59
Total shots fired: 40013
Total enemies destroyed: 12218
Total player deaths: 679

Maximus Cerebrum has undergone a large bit of progress, I'm not going into specifics, though, as I don't want to spoil anything. I will just say that the game is now approximately 85% complete!
I'll end this with a screenshot:

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