Tuesday, November 17, 2015

new game release: Snake Snafu!

After a few setbacks Snake Snafu has finally been released. Actually I uploaded it to itch.io last month but never got around to making an official post here.

Snake Snafu is a two player(actually, up to 3 players) game where you try to survive longer than your opponent and/or cause them to crash their snake's head into a wall or your own snake body. There's lots of different levels, powerups, and game elements so I hope you will all enjoy the game.
This game also features online two player, thanks to YellowAfterlife.(single player mode is included as well, but it may feel a bit empty/boring).

Anyway, make sure to download and give it a go, on itch.io!



  1. What's up Orange! My friends and I have been playing Snake Snafu for about a year now, and we'd really like to get the source code to make mods for it. we got the Gamemaker bundle on humble bundle, so now we can add more maps and stuff. We don't plan on distributing it, and could send you the additions and everything too if you'd like that. We just want more maps, colors, powerups, etc.

    Please consider my offer and reply back when you can. We love you! :)


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