Saturday, March 22, 2014

new games and progress

I've done a lot and even made a few small games since the last time I posted, I'll try to keep this as concise as I can.

First and foremost, Maximus Cerebrum is almost complete. I still need a few more music tracks and then I'll be sending it out to some beta testers for feedback before a final release. I am rather anxious to see how well the game will be received.

In my free time I made a few quick games for the 3 hour game jam which is hosted each Saturday now. You make a game in 3 hours based on the theme given on the website and then post a download link to it on twitter using the hashtag #3hGj
I've made 2 games for it so far, the first theme was "Light Bulb" and I made Unscramble Adventures for that one.

The next theme was "Hacker" and I made a game called Access Denied.

In other news, the game I released earlier this year on January 31st, The Sound Of Murder, has been received pretty well. It is nearing 4000 views and has almost reached 2000 downloads. There have also been a few let's plays on YouTube of the game and I enjoyed one in particular by the ThingsWePlay channel:

I think I've covered almost everything now, I hope you've found this little progress update informative!


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